Introducing FlyDive™ X-Board™

The most advanced hydroflight system designed and engineered to support both beginners AND top-tier professional rider performance.

Ease-of-Use Engineering

The X-Board’s lower foot-to-bearing height and wider stance provide maximum stability for faster learning for beginners and higher performance for pros.

Best-in-Class Pricing

Thanks to superior manufacturing, FlyDive is able to offer the highest quality board at a price the competition simply cannot match.

Guaranteed Fun

FlyDive offers the industry’s only risk-free guarantee, giving you a full 30 days of use to fall in love with flying the X-Board.

Fun in five (or less)

Sure, you probably won’t be throwing back flips on your first try, but you’ll be well on your way. The learning curve on the X-Board is much shorter than many other water sports – most first time riders are up and flying in less than five minutes. Everyone can fly.

Safe, Durable and Fun for  Years

FlyDive ™ is committed to producing the most innovative and durable hydroflight products. When you buy an X-Board, you are buying a product that you can fly with the family for years or develop your own professional skills. Fly High, Dive Deep. Play Safe.

Fun-to-FlyDive 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Enjoy the thrill of FlyDiving on the X-Board RISK FREE for 30 Days!

 Only FlyDive offers the world’s easiest-to-fly hydroflight board, the X-Board! We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy it that we’re offering an unbeatable Guarantee…As a new FlyDive customer, you can fly as much as you want for 30 days 100% TOTALLY RISK-FREE. If you don’t think this is fun, return it. No questions asked.

 So, take the stress out of your watersports gear shopping and get ready for high-flying smiles. You’re GUARANTEED to love your new X-Board!