Introducing FlyDive™ X-Board™

The most advanced hydro flight system designed and engineered to support both beginners AND top-tier professional rider performance.

Maximum Stability

FlyDive X-Board features the lowest foot to bearing height, providing maximum stability for all rider types.

Performance Engineering

Inside the heart of FlyDive’s X-Board is our patent-pending helix water splitter.

Precision Control

FlyDive X-Board’s ultra responsive flight deck positions the thrust directly underfoot with independent foot articulation.

Fun in five (or less)

Sure, you probably won’t be throwing back flips on your first try, but you’ll be well on your way. The learning curve on the X-Board is much shorter than many other water sports – most first time riders are up and flying in less than five minutes. Everyone can fly.

Leading the way in safety and training

FlyDive ™ is committed to promoting safe, fun and exciting hydro flight entertainment for everyone.  We are actively working with water regulatory agencies to allow greater access to more water playgrounds and establish universal safety protocols. Fly High, Dive Deep. Play Safe.

Experience FlyDive™

FlyDive X-Board is sold exclusively through our network of premier dealers. Or experience the joy of X-Board flight at specially trained and certified rental and resort operators.

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